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DuPont Pioneer


Enhancing the customer experience for the farmer of today.

For 40 years Pioneer has provided Australian farmers with quality hybrid seed, building and maintaining relationships with their loyal customer base. In 2013 Pioneer were aware that the industry was changing; they were keen to make sure they weren’t left behind. New entrants were targeting their market share increasing competition for their customers.  A new style of farmer was emerging and they were struggling to connect with these digital natives as they lacked resource and experience in this space.   

We undertook a qualitative and quantitative research project to identify and segment Pioneer’s customers. Using the findings we were able to identify key drivers and stages that were pivotal when considering the purchase of seed. Using the research findings Alchemy One created a new owned and earned media strategy which identified opportunities to connect with Pioneer’s different customer segments.



Research and Connections Strategy
Offline Media Planning
Offline Media Buying


Display Advertising
Social Advertising


Social audience strategy
Social channel management


We Identified influencing sources in order to create a qualified media strategy that would resonate within the Australian agriculture industry. We developed a social strategy to be activated across Facebook (2015) and Twitter (2017) and created a TV, Radio and Press strategy that leveraged spend and enabled Pioneer to truly own mediums and cut through the noise.

The insights and strategy developed continue to inform channel planning for each season.